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Seminarium Instytutu

7.6.2024 Jaroslaw Pawlowski (WUST)
Machine learning-aided quantum tomography

Godz.: 12:15, Sala: 422, Wersja do druku
14.6.2024 Aliasghar Parvizi
Polymer Quantization Schemes for Gravitational Waves: From theory to observation

Motivated by loop quantum gravity, we propose two polymer quantization schemes to describe the propagation of gravitational waves within a classical Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) spacetime. These novel schemes yield modified waveforms, altering the amplitude of the waves as they traverse quantum spacetime. Additionally, the speed of the waves becomes frequency-dependent due to polymer corrections. We investigate the detectability of these signals using instruments like LISA and LIGO, establishing bounds on the polymer scales.

Godz.: 12:15, Sala: 422, Wersja do druku
4.10.2024 Alexander Ayriyan
Bayesian analysis of the equation of state of dense nuclear matter

Godz.: 12:15, Sala: 422, Wersja do druku