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Seminarium Instytutu

5.1.2024 Eric Lescano
On the non-vanishing viscosity of the stringy fluids

In this talk, I will discuss about string cosmology. I will pedagogically introduce the Einstein equation in the context of string theory and I will explain what kind of fluids are effectively reproduced by the string dynamics.

Godz.: 12:15, Sala: 422, Wersja do druku
12.1.2024 Zbigniew Haba
Is the quantum Universe Euclidean?

I review various ways to make field theory Euclidean: as a technical tool or as a dynamical outcome. Then, the problem with the Big Bang in quantum field theory will be discussed. Gibbons-Hartle-Hawking suggestion of a passage at the Big Bang from the Lorentzian signature to the Euclidean one will be explained. A simple model how this can happen will be presented. The theoretical virtues of an Euclidean origin of the universe will be advocated.

Godz.: 12:15, Sala: 422, Wersja do druku